We, Avatar Innovation Co., Ltd. (AI) is a research & innovation company, action is to establish new knowledge and develop more energy efficient technologies and solutions. Our R&D works include the production of a full Resonance Induction Boiler delivered to AIT and Full Resonance Drive Solenoid Magnetic Motor.

By accumulating knowledge in the field of R&D and observing the nature energy, we can establish new knowledge in energy saving, environmentally friendly that can help create jobs, better economic, support government and improve quality of life.

The company aims to improve the quality of life of human beings by creating clean energy innovations and social innovation.
Humans have a good quality of life and live in harmony with nature along with modern technology, including clean energy, good environment, and 4 factors of life, which include food, medicine, housing and clothing.
1. Establish new knowledge, research and development of scientific innovation and clean energy technology innovation. Help save energy and revolutionize energy formats. Humans will have sufficient and sustainable energy as a source of economic wealth.
2. Registering innovation patents, then sell or involve in the production itself.
3. Participate in educational institutions to change the production of a revolutionary idea in order to create social innovations that will help improve the quality of life.
4. Participate in creating an innovative community with HIGH TECH & HIGH TOUCH, using high technology and morality, then balanced with nature. .